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Agents and Stagers: A Winning Combination

Let's talk about something important: The fantastic partnership between Real Estate Agents and Home Stagers. Sure, we can throw around all the stats about how staging boosts sale prices, speeds up selling and benefits the homeowners, but let's explore why this teamwork and collaboration is a game-changer for Real Estate Agents beyond just financial gains from the sale. Let me give you my top reasons why…

Protecting Your Commission

Isn't it incredible how just a few strategic tweaks, like de-cluttering, rearranging furniture, and giving a fresh coat of paint, can completely rejuvenate a property and increase the perceived value no matter what the market?

So, why leave money on the table? According to the National Association of Realtors' 2023 home staging report, twenty percent of buyers’ agents said that staging a home increased the dollar value offered by up to 5%, compared to other similar homes on the market that were not staged.

And hey, I get it—staging might seem like an extra expense upfront, but trust me, it's usually way cheaper than the first price reduction, which ends up cutting into the Agent's commission.

Saving Your Time and Energy

Keeping up with what’s in or out in home design or decor trends is tough, but not to worry, I've got you covered. I’ll keep my staging classic while staying in-the-know about what buyers love and plan each staging project to compliment the home style, keeping in mind to appeal to the broadest audience possible.

Real Estate Agents are constantly on the move, juggling countless tasks. Although they excel in neighborhood knowledge, enlisting the help of a Home Stager allows them to reclaim valuable time and energy. Rather than meticulously guiding homeowners through room-by-room styling plans,

or tackling potential issues, Agents can concentrate on what they do best.

Maintaining Your Client Relationships

Agents wear many hats. Selling a home isn't just about paperwork and showings; it's a roller coaster of emotions for everyone involved.

Picture this: you walk into a potential listing, and it's.....well, far from picture-perfect. Aside from the expected clutter accumulated over time, properties may showcase signs of wear and tear, lingering odors, decor that's outdated or too personal, or unexpected taxidermy—yep, it happens! Addressing these sensitive matters is crucial for preparing the property, yet it can feel daunting for homeowners. As a Stager, my role in a Pre-listing/Buyer’s Eyes Consultation is to offer candid and impartial feedback and advice. While these discussions can be challenging, involving a Home Stager enables Agents to maintain positive relationships with their clients/sellers, allowing the Stager to navigate potentially uncomfortable conversations.


Exceptional Online Photos

In today's digital world, stunning listing photos are essential. Did you know that almost all millennial home buyers, a stunning 97% (NAR Real Estate in a Digital Age 2021), start their house hunt online? Crazy, right? So, no matter what kind of market you're in, getting your listing camera-ready can seriously sway whether buyers bother to come tour it in person. That's where the marketing strategy of home staging comes in. It’s all about showcasing your listing’s best angles and hiding any not-so-great bits. Hanisch Designs -Feel Home Approach- isn't just about making the place look pretty; it's about helping potential buyers picture themselves living there. I take great care in arranging furniture to show potential buyers exactly how their own pieces could fit in the space. Plus, I am mindful of the photography angles to showcase the best features, all to welcome more buyers through the doors.

Elevating Your Brand

As an agent, you're all about listings that are selling faster and for higher sales prices, correct? Well, sellers are all about proven success, and staging plays a big role in showing them you've got what it takes – it's about showcasing your expertise as an Agent and building your brand and a stellar reputation.

So, why not elevate your image and boost your credibility by making sure every listing shines through your marketing - both in pictures and in person?

Offer your clients more and stand out from the competition. Include a complimentary Pre-listing/Buyer’s Eyes Consultation as part of your listing package! Such a consult plays a pivotal role in identifying key to-do’s to prepare an occupied or vacant property for a successful sale and supports your consistent marketing strategy. Another way Stagers can help build an Agent’s brand awareness is by drumming up excitement on social media and guiding eager buyers straight to your properties.

An Ideal Partnership

Let’s sum it up! Collaborating with a professional Home Stager is a surefire recipe for success, regardless of market fluctuations. While my hope is to establish strong partnerships with local Real Estate Agents for staging services, I'm convinced that home staging offers significant benefits to both Homeowners AND Agents alike.

So, partnering with a professional Home Stager adds credibility to your business, tremendous value to your listing package, and ultimately results in faster, more profitable home sales that boost your brand awareness!

~ Rita Hanisch-Dunbar

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