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Unlocking Probate Potential: Estate Lawyers, Realtors and Home Staging on the Same Team!

Updated: Apr 1

I'm here to share a little insight into how I've made a real difference in Probate or Estate Property Sale cases as a specialized Owner-Occupied Home Stager and brought a little sunshine into the process.

In the world of probate matters, families navigate through the transition and emotional process of selling estates and properties, for example after someone beloved passed, and every detail carries immense weight. As an estate attorney or real estate agent, your mission is to guide your clients through this journey with utmost care, addressing legal intricacies while also attending to practical considerations like property presentation and sale. Here is where having a skilled Home Stager who specializes in owner-occupied staging, like Hanisch Designs, can truly make a difference. We are not just an asset; we are a crucial partner, offering invaluable support that ultimately leads to a substantial return on investment (ROI) for everyone involved.

Getting Real about Probate: 

Probate cases can be a bit like a puzzle—lots of pieces to fit together, and sometimes it feels like you're missing a few as you throw outdated furnishings or semi lived-in homes into the mix. Each case brings its own set of challenges, but I love nothing more than getting creative and finding solutions that work for everyone involved.  Whether it's sprucing up a space or striking the perfect balance between the homeowners' style and market appeal, I'm up for the task.

Adding Value with a Side of Speed: 

Picture this: a property that's been sitting on the market for what feels like forever, gathering dust and losing value by the day. Well, guess what, that’s where I come in. I'm all about adding the perfect pinch of personality and a dash of charm to every space, marketing a home to potential buyers and getting things moving! By giving the property a facelift and elevating the wow factor, I'm not just adding value—I'm fast-tracking the sales process. And in probate scenarios where time is money, my knack for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere can be a real game-changer, smoothing out transactions and getting everyone across the finish line with a smile.

Turning Dated Décor into

Desirable Spaces: 

Let's talk about those outdated furnishings that seem stuck in a time warp. You know the ones I'm talking

about….! But don't worry, with a keen eye for what works and what doesn't and a little creativity, we'll give that tired old décor a fresh new lease on life. And wouldn’t you know, Wallpaper is back in style so when appropriate we’ll tie it into the design and create a conversation piece that grabs buyer’s attention! Keep in mind that the primary objective of staging is not to make the house look “pretty”. Staging shows the potential of the house and showcases a Lifestyle Buyers aspire to. Staging is a Marketing Strategy!

My strategic approach:

1) The first step is to really get to know the space. I'll take a close look at existing furnishings and the look and feel of the home overall in a Buyers Eyes Consultation

2) I carefully analyze elements like style, condition, furniture layout and functionality to pinpoint the most effective approach, what's working well, and what could use a little TLC.

3) I'll create a customized plan to develop a tailored strategy to refresh the space while incorporating existing furnishings where appropriate.

From strategic rearranging to adding modern touches, voila...suddenly the property's got a completely different feel—one that buyers can't resist. It's all about finding that perfect balance between honoring the past and embracing the future.

Take a look at these Before & Afters 

Teaming Up for Success:

Estate lawyers and Realtors, consider me your staging sidekick! By recommending my Staging & Styling Services to your clients, you're not just making their homes stand out in the competitive Real Estate Market—you're showing them that you've got their back. Together, we're a dynamic duo, smoothing out the rough patches, boosting client satisfaction, and making probate and estate property sales a whole lot easier to navigate.

To wrap it up:

While probate cases can present challenges, our combined efforts reduce stress and streamline the process. By bringing in a dash of creativity, a clear roadmap, and a whole lot of teamwork, we can turn a chaotic or tough situation into a much more manageable journey. The end result? A home sale that not only garners a great price but also happens quickly, smoothly and maximizes the home’s equity. Let's work together to make it happen!

~ Rita Hanisch-Dunbar

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